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Repair and Remodel Ideas

What Buyers think when they first see your home is what they’re going to remember later on. You will want to knock their socks off, not turn them off.

  • Most buyers want move-in ready homes.
  • They don’t want to think about repairs or making upgrades.
  • If this is what they see when they preview your home many will just walk away or bargain the price down.
The Jerri and Andy Szach Team have longstanding connections to great interior designers and architects, and local craftsmen. Through this network, they can help you realize all of your renovation dreams, helping you transformed your home that takes away these common buyer concerns The Jerri and Andy Szach team work with you and your desired budget to achieve your renovation goals. We assess your property let you know about functional obsolescence and recommend the best upgrades that will require minimal outlay and provide the most value.